Sep 22, 2021

New CEO in PartnerPlast

The Chief Executive Officer, Tom Samuelsen, has asked the Board of Directors for a release after many years as Executive Officer of the company. Jan Møllerhaug takes over as CEO with effect from 22. September 2021. Tom Samuelsen continues as senior advisor in the company.

After 28 years as CEO, Tom Samuelsen has asked the Board for resignation from the position as CEO of PartnerPlast.

­- After 28 exciting, demanding, but not least educational years, over the summer, I have concluded that the right thing for both me and the company, is to release new forces. On this basis, I have proposed to the Board that our Technical Director Jan Møllerhaug replace my role, and that I contribute to the company’s development as a senior advisor, says Tom Samuelsen.

– Although the pandemic over the past two years has exposed the company to challenges we would like to be without, for many years we have developed a solid foundation to grow further. We have a unique expertise in our employees, which makes me look forward to being part of Partnerplast’s development towards new goals, says Tom.

Jan Møllerhaug is currently Chief Technology Officer of the company and part of the management team. Over the years, he has played an important role in the company’s sales work. He has been in the PartnerPlast system for more than 15 years. First as Factory Manager, and later as General Manager of Marine Subsea Group. Prior to this, he has experience from leading positions in other industries.

Jan Møllerhaug holds a Master’s degree in Electronics from NTNU (1994) and as a Business Economist (1997) form the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. He lives in Isfjorden, Møre og Romsdal, is married and has 3 children.

– The Board and owners would like to thank Tom Samuelsen for a strenuous effort for the company over many years. Under his leadership, the company has had a good development and entered new markets. We are very pleased that Tom wants to continue at PartnerPlast in a new role. At the same time, we are grateful that Jan Møllerhaug has accepted new challenges, says Chairman of the Board Kyrre Olaf Johansen.