Dilt Floats and Navigation Floats

We have a wide range of dilt floats available to fit most applications. Since the 1990’s we have delivered dilt floats to seismic companies worldwide, sizes ranging from 270 litres up to 2500 litres.

The navigation floats will, in addition to a traditional dilt float, also provide positioning functionality. The navigation floats will typically be equipped with an underwater power generator, solar panel, charger and a battery pack in addition to the customer specified positioning equipment.

Product overview


Navigation Floats

Navigation Floats are suitable when you want to monitor the position and movement in addition to the traditional Dilt Float functionality. Our range of Navigation Floats consists of several sizes, ranging from the largest 2500…

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Dilt Float 2000 Plastic

Dilt Floats

Ovun has since the 1990´s developed and delivered Dilt floats to most seismic companies worldwide. We have a wide range of Dilt floats systems that fit most applications. Our range spans sizes from 270 to…

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