Aquaculture is a continuously growing industry. We are the market leader in buoyancy solutions with integrated electronics for the aquaculture industry, offering a wide range of buoys and marker lights.

Our product range is developed with a focus on meeting your specific needs. We understand the importance of reliable, cost-effective, and efficient solutions to ensure optimal operation and protection of your facilities. With our expertise and experience, we provide tailored products that meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

By choosing us as your supplier, you are also selecting sustainable, high-quality products designed to meet the requirements of the aquaculture industry

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Our expertise

Activa FFB and 1800 LED Aquaculture light

Designed for challenging environments

Activa is our complete product range of buoys, marker lights, and accessories for aquaculture. The Activa series features sustainable, sturdy, intelligent, and user friendly products made from recycled materials. The range is based on our expertise and experience in manufacturing buoys and floating products for extreme environments, developed and tested over years.

Man in blue t-shirt displaying an Activa Aquaculture light mast that splits in the middle for easy battery change.

Together we shape the future

Our expertise goes beyond sustainable plastic product design. We collaborate closely with you to customize and develop innovative product combinations that align with industry demands and requirements.

As a reliable partner, we take pride in offering solutions that are robust, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. Our experienced team is dedicated to continuously improving our products to meet the evolving needs of the aquaculture sector. We strive to provide you with the market's top-quality products, backed by our knowledge and commitment.

Yellow buoys ready for recycling

Responsible consumption and production

With the UN's 12th sustainable development goal of responsible consumption and production firmly in place, we actively strive for sustainable consumption and production patterns.

We achieve this through careful material selection and advanced recycling technology. Our electronic products come with rechargeable batteries and solar-powered operation.

Old buoys are recycled in collaboration with Nordic Plastic Recycling, with the raw material transformed into new quality products. When you purchase and deliver your buoys through us, you receive favorable buyback options.

Activa buoys inside factory

Experience and expertise

Efficient and timely delivery is of importance to our aquaculture customers, and we ensure a constant stock of our most popular items.

We can provide you with installation and technical support for our products, and we offer a comprehensive repair program for all our products, supported by a team of highly skilled and trained technicians.

Selected references


Ovun and Ovun Innlandet to become one company from 2024


Ovun AS (formerly PartnerPlast AS) and Ovun Innlandet AS (formerly Molstad Modell & Form AS) are merging. – Our aim is to create a “one company” -a single unit to benefit from larger operations and simplify how we work, expressed Jan Møllerhaug, CEO of Ovun.   Optimized processes To strengthen the business and make operations more efficient, Ovun Innlandet AS will merged into Ovun AS starting January 1, 2024. This combination will result in a joint company with increased efficiency and easier ways of working. – We see this merger as vital to combine our strengths, pool resources, and streamline our operations. It will help us optimize our processes, resulting in better services and products for our customers, says Møllerhaug. Pål Tåsåsen, Managing Director of Ovun Innlandet, will continue as Head of the Innlandet division. – The merger is a natural step forward and sets us up for further growth in Innlandet. Since joining the group in 2015, we’ve consistently built closer collaborations across departments. Now, as one company, we anticipate more benefits for our employees and customers, states Tåsåsen.   Seamless transition The combined company will provide an even stronger platform for growth and innovation, meeting market demands in a more adaptable and competitive way. – We’re committed to maintaining and strengthening our relationships with customers, partners, and stakeholders….

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