PU moulding

We have extensive experience with casting various products in polyurethane for industrial and offshore customers. Our most used materials come in a wide range of hardnesses and with various color additions. Our materials withstand rough use and can be used in extreme marine environments.

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PU moulding

Moulding in polyurethane makes it possible to produce complex products in a wide range of sizes and shapes at a relatively low production cost.

Advanced multi-component raw materials provide the opportunity to vary the hardness and elasticity of the mixtures from shot to shot. This gives great flexibility and we can quickly arrive at the right mixture based on the desired properties of the final product.

The moulds are filled only with the help of gravitational forces and there is no need to apply pressure during the casting process. This means that we can use simple and affordable forms in the production.



Polyurethane is characterized by high wear resistance, excellent mechanical properties and good elasticity. We also process material types with high stiffness and strength where elastic properties are not desired.

We use a number of different polyurethane compounds. We can supply everything from high-performance mixtures for demanding underwater applications, or more affordable mixtures where cost reduction is important.

To ensure that the end product meets requirements and specifications, we take material traceability and testing seriously.

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We have a long history of development, innovative thinking and design in its various segments. Plastic products can be used in combination with components of steel and aluminium as well as integrated electronics systems.

Fish farm with Activa aquaculture buoys and Activa 1800 LED light mast


  • easy to change material hardness and flexibility

    Easy to change material hardness & flexibility

  • PU moulding

    PU moulding

  • relatively low tooling cost

    Relatively low tooling costs

  • complex shapes of varying sizes

    Complex shapes of varying sizes

  • easy to change material hardness and flexibility

    Easy to combine with other materials

  • large variety og colours and finishes

    Design freedom - realise your dream


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