Mooring Buoyancy

Our buoyancy equipment for mooring is designed to withstand rough handling during deployment and retrieval of mooring lines, ensuring durability and reliability. The modular system enables quick and easy replacement of damaged elements, promoting cost-effective buoy operations. 

The modular mooring system is well-suited for FPSO moorings, offering extended lifespan options of up to 30 years for buoyancy elements. With our stock of standard products, we can provide fast delivery for the majority of rig and FPSO mooring projects.

Introducing SmartTop steel free armatures, we have successfully addressed the challenge of uncertainty caused by corrosion in conventional steel armatures. Leveraging our extensive experience in mooring operations and expertise in PU moulding, we have developed a patented steel free solution that eliminates risks associated with corroded armatures. SmartTop also offers advantages such as lighter weight, easy reconfiguration, and reduced storage space requirements compared to standard solutions.

Product overview


Light and Radar Reflector Kits

As an option, the MSB 234 (surface) buoys can be equipped with light and radar reflector kits. The radar reflector is a stainless steel cross.

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Modular Support Buoy 234

This is our most commonly used large modular buoy, both for permanent and temporary use. Available in all depth ratings from surface to 2500 meters. Buoys can be supplied with half elements in order to…

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Modular Support Buoy 234 – Heavy Duty

The MSB 234 series can also be delivered with a Heavy Duty shell as an option, resulting in buoys that can survive even more harsh environments and rough handling. Benefits: Extremely strong and durable Mechanical…

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MSB 234 Duo & Quad

In addition to the shown alternative configurations for MSB 234, Ovun also delivers parallel (Duo) and double parallel (Quad) MSB 234 configurations. This doubles or quadruples the buoyancy lift possible within this product type. Typically…

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SmartTop OSS Buoys

The  SmartTop OSS buoy is a long sought after addition to our product line. With its new and improved steel free armature, corrosion has been eliminated & the buoy’s weight significantly reduced. With major focus…

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