Hydropower Safety

Our Aqua-Guardian product range provides visual and physical safety barriers for lakes, reservoirs, dams, waterfalls and rivers. 

A wide range of standard products help prevent people and floating objects from entering dangerous areas – reducing downtime for hydro-electric plants, and keeping people safe.

In cooperation with our partners at Vassfall, we produce and install equipment tough enough for the extreme and challenging climate in Northern Europe. Our products resist the rough conditions and remain in position during periods with extreme weather, flooding, waves, ice, changes in water levels, strong currents and wind.

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Products overview

We produce a wide range of products, from marking lines and booms, buoys, barreirs, signs, mooring and mounting hardware and products for external environment.

Our expertise


Our expertise is your safety

We understand that minimising risk requires more than just high-quality products. Expertise in product usage, mounting, and inspection is equally essential to achieve optimal results. Additionally, our extensive knowledge in material science, physics, and hydrology enhances our capabilities in providing comprehensive solutions.


Cooperation is important

Our engineering skills are a key strength that enables us to deliver high-quality installations at your site. It starts with you presenting us with you specific issue or challenge. Using our expertise, we calculate and present one or more solutions tailored to your needs. These solutions can involve utilising our existing products, or developing custom installations.

In collaboration, we assess and determine the optimal solution, taking into account factors such as cost and timeframe. Once the best course of action is agreed upon, we move forward with production and/or development to bring the solution to life.


Mounting and assembly

We take pride in providing comprehensive solutions that encompass assembly and mounting services. With our extensive experience in mounting work within watercourses, rivers, and reservoirs, even in extreme weather conditions, safety is always our top priority. Prior to commencing any work, we ensure that safe-work instructions are provided, and toolbox talks are conducted throughout the project.

While some customers prefer to handle the mountings on site with their own staff, we fully support their decision. We are always accessible for assistance and support through phone or email.

Inspection of products for hydropower and safety

Inspection and maintenance

Inspections and maintenance are essential to ensure a long lifetime and high performance of our products. We can enter inspection and maintenance contracts worldwide.

Together we find the right solutions to best maintain your installations, tailored for your current needs.

Selected references

framo logo


Client: Framo
When: February - August 2022

Customization and production of Framo Products in collaboration with Mundal. The product is used for aquaculture with lice skirts to maintain optimal and natural water flow conditions.

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