Light Masts and Electronics

The Activa 1800 is a light mast to be used for marking of aquaculture installations, and is designed to meet the recommendations of the Norwegian Costal Administration. It includes signal light with bird spike, reflex, radar reflector and battery for two years of maintenance free operation. The mast can be split in the middle for easy access and battery change. Mast foot and brackets for safe installation on buoys are available for different buoy types.

We offer several different types of batteries. Choose between our alkaline battery with a lifespan of >2 years, or our rechargeable battery with a lifespan of >10 years. Our rechargeable battery has a large capacity, and when combined with Activa SOLAR, our solar panel, you can expect year-round operation.

AIS transmitters allow the position of Activa buoys to display on AIS systems onboard boats and vessels in the surrounding area. The transmitter avoids potential interference from buoys with similar equipment, or from other vessels in the area. The AIS unit is equipped with its own buoyancy, and can either be mounted on Activa buoys or be used in water as a stand alone unit. The information from the unit transmits via AIS and displays on the electronic map system aboard vessels. The unit is also equipped with a marker light for visualization at sea.

To endure extreme conditions and harsh environments, a rotationally molded, cylindrical PE shell protects the AIS unit including light, battery and antenna. We offer AIS integrated into Activa 1800 PWX GPS

Product overview

Activa 1600 PWX GPS

The Activa 1600 PWX GPS is a marking light developed by PartnerPlast and has been designed for aquaculture facilities and in line with the requirements from local authorities for use longside the Norwegian coastline. Activa…

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Activa 1800 GPS

Activa 1800 GPS

Activa 1800 GPS consists of a rotational molded yellow mast, battery assembly, radar reflector and LED lights with GPS receiver. The LED lights have a very low power consumption and complies with the IALA recommendations….

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