Electronics and Navigation

Our electronic equipment has been utilised on seismic buoys for decades, and the equipment range has been consistently expanded to meet the evolving requirements of our customers. The systems can incorporate customer-specific functionality and interfaces, while the wireless interface to the buoys allows for various monitoring, control options, and remote wireless event-triggering.

Our internal resources in electronic and system development, can deliver customer specified solutions if our standard range do not meet your requirements.

Product overview

Solar Panels

Marine grade solar panels for use in the toughest environments can be provided

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Signal Lights

High intensity, GPS synchronized LED signal lights with extended vertical light opening. Can be delivered with mechanical bump protection.

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Waterproof high quality batteries with internal protection circuitry for different battery technologies and voltages.

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This is the main power unit on the buoy, with optimized charging algorithm from streamer, solar panels and underwater generators, battery monitoring and load control.

System voltages of 12V or 24V.

Optional radio for testing and monitoring purposes integrated.

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Underwater Generator – PP UW120

The PP UW 120 is a 2-phase generator made for continuous power generation in underwater installations, typically installed on buoys used in seismic surveys.

The propeller and the generator encapsulation are made of plastic material, and propeller shaft and mounting sleeves are made of DUPLEX steel quality.

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Device Tracking and Control – DTAC

The DTAC marine is a high performance – high reliable communication device for remote applications. It is approved according to the marine regulations EN 60945 and DNV 2.4 Environmental requirements ensuring reliable operation in marine applications.

The DTAC can track and Interface your equipment onboard ships or in remote installations and give you a “hands on” experience all around the world. The power consumption is very low and the DTAC can be running from a backup battery for years depending on the chosen data rate.

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