Cable Handling

PP Grips are designed with hinges for quick and effortless installation and removal, providing excellent protection against over-bending of the cable. These grips are commonly used as attachment points for floatation devices, inner lead-ins, spreader ropes, gun umbilicals. Steel bands are utilised to ensure sufficient friction and compression around the cable.

The PP Slider has been specifically designed to smoothly slide down a lead-in, allowing for easy attachment to a flexi float system, lead-in flotation or other temporarily installed equipment. Additionally, it provides protection to the lead-in, preventing over-bending.

Product overview

Tether Clamps pp-grip

PP Grip

PartnerPlast designs and manufactures PP Grip, a high quality handling product for seismic survey towed cables with the main function to protect from over-bending, ensuring safe deployment during exploration. PP grip consists of two half…

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PP Slider

The slider is designed to slide down a lead in for attachment to flexi float system, lead in floatation or other temporarily installed equipment while protecting the lead in from over bend. Applications: Seismic survey…

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