Cable Handling

PP Grips are designed with hinges for quick and effortless installation and removal, providing excellent protection against over-bending of the cable. These grips are commonly used as attachment points for floatation devices, inner lead-ins, spreader ropes, gun umbilicals. Steel bands are utilised to ensure sufficient friction and compression around the cable.

The PP Slider has been specifically designed to smoothly slide down a lead-in, allowing for easy attachment to a flexi float system, lead-in flotation or other temporarily installed equipment. Additionally, it provides protection to the lead-in, preventing over-bending.

Product overview


PP Slider

The slider is designed to slide down a lead in for attachment to flexi float system, lead in floatation or other temporarily installed equipment while protecting the lead in from over bend.

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Tether Clamps pp-grip

PP Grip

The PP Grip is equipped with hinges for easy and fast installation and removal while giving the cable the best protection against over bending. Typical use is attachment points for floatation, inner lead ins, spreader ropes, gun umbilical’s as attachment to diverters or lead ins.

To achieve good friction and compression over the cable, nylon or steel bands are used.

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