Cable Protection Systems

Our cable protection systems span the length of your cables, from bellmouth to landfall.

A wide range of solutions provide bending, fatigue and abrasion resistance during both installation and service life.

Our production facility is qualified to produce cable protection according to API17L, using high quality, field proven materials. We have a track record of providing both off the shelf and custom designed cable protection according to various industry standards.

Product overview

Tether Clamps pp-grip

Tether Clamps

Ovun has applied our long experience with PP-Grip to provide a unique tether clamp solution.

This solution provides a clamping solution for vertical and horizontal tethers, while also providing over bending protection.

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Render of Centraliser Passive Seal

Centralisers & Passive Seals

Ovun has a strong track record of providing J-tube centralisers and passive seals to subsea projects.

We can provide custom solutions to suit your project requirements.

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Render of Bend Stiffener

Bend Stiffeners

Ovun Bend Stiffeners are designed to add stiffness at the termination points of flexible pipes, power cables, umbilicals thus limiting bending stresses and curvature to an acceptable level.

Bend stiffeners are usually attached at either the topside or subsea connection.

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Render of Cast Iron Ballast

Cast Iron Ballast

Ovun Cast Iron Ballast is designed to add weight to  subsea cables as well as protect from abrasion and damage due to impact from dropped objects, rock dumping etc.

The ballast system stabilizes a cable laying on the seabed, while  also working s as a bending restrictor.

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Render of Bend Restrictor

Bend Restrictors

Ovun Bend Restrictors are designed to prevent cables, flexible pipelines, or umbilicals from overbending and buckling at the interface with a rigid structure.

The Bend Restrictor elements consists of 2 half shells made from a high durability rigid polyurethane, assembled with bolts and lock nuts.

We have developed standard Bend Restrictors for a wide range of common diameters, loads and MRBs. Custom designs with a wide range of features are provided to specific applications when required by clients.

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Cable Protection Ducting – PP Duct

Ovun manufactures Subsea Cable Protection for abrasion- and dropped object  and wear protection,

Our Cable Protection Ducting has been designed to fit a wide range of cable or umbilical diameters.  Design life is minimum 25 years and the protection units are not influenced by varying water depths.

For extreme durability or when the PP cable protection is used in harsh environments, we can offer heavy-duty material with considerably better performance than the standard elastomer.

Cable protection is supplied with Smart Band reinforced bands and buckles as standard. Other band solutions may be used upon request, such as Super Duplex,  Inconel or titanium.


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PipeMat is a mat made of High Density Polyethylene pipes, and is a low-cost alternative to the MudMat. PipeMat may be used as subsea support, landing and positioning device or seabed/ pipeline/cable protection for light loads. The PipeMat is without sharp edges and rigid parts and is therefore a safe alternative to similar installation and protection products.

PipeMat can easily be rolled up for transport and storage.

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Mudmat – Standard

MudMat is a heavy-duty polyurethane (PU) Subsea Protection & Support Mat developed for use both offshore and onshore. The mat can be utilised as subsea support, landing and positioning device or as seabed, pipeline and cable protection.

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