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Marine Navigation and Safety

Dirigens for the Norwegian Coastal Administration

Client: Norwegian Coastal Administration
When: 2021 - present

As an addition to traditional seaway marking, the Dirigens offers constant high visibility lighting of seaway markers. This is a complex and innovative product, significantly contributing to increased safety for vessels at sea. The Norwegian Coastal Administration designed the product and gave an exact description of the functionality they wanted, while we at Ovun have developed all components, to meet their requirements and standards.


Seismic equipment for Shearwater

Client: Shearwater Geoservices Norway AS
When: 2018 - present

Advanced seismic equipment with integrated electronics, as well as various models of Tail-Buoys, Navigation Floats and Dilt Floats, have all been delivered to Shearwater during the last 6 years. We have also supplied and delivered stand-alone electronics such as elbox’es, batteries, lights and generators,  to mention a few.

Dilt 2000 Steel

Seismic equipment for Chinese market

Client: Geo-Marine Instrument Company Ltd
When: 2010 - present

Several deliveries have been made through Geo-Marine Instrument Ltd in respect of projects deliveries to major Companies in China such as COSL (China Oilfield Services Ltd) and BGP (China National Petroleum Corporation). We have delivered equipment featuring our entire scope ranging from stand-alone electronics such as batteries, elbox’es, generators and lights to all models of Navigation Floats, Tail-Buoys and Dilt Floats. Seismic equipment with built in electronics have also formed a major part of some deliveries


Seismic equipment for PGS Geophysical AS

Client: PGS Geophysical AS
When: 2001 - present

From 2001 we have been a trusted supplier of advanced seismic equipment to PGS Geophysical AS. We have delivered equipment featuring our entire scope ranging from stand-alone electronics such as batteries, elbox’es, generators and lights to all models of Navigation Floats, Tail-Buoys and Dilt Floats. In addition, we have carried out service and overhaul of floats and winches.

Customer Solutions

Sustainable tanks for Jets

Client: Jets
When: 2022

With a focus on sustainability, Jets has transitioned to using recycled materials in two of its products, the bio tank and septic tank. These products are primarily used as a vacuum system for cabin toilets. We produce approximately 1000 greywater tanks, 300 bio tanks, and 150 – 200 septic tanks for Jets annually.

framo logo
Customer Solutions


Client: Framo
When: February - August 2022

Customization and production of Framo Products in collaboration with Mundal. The product is used for aquaculture with lice skirts to maintain optimal and natural water flow conditions.


Fennsfjord Cable Protection

Client: Nexans
When: 2019

In close collaboration with our customer, we delivered cable protection for four cables including Bend Restrictors, ViV Strakes, Cable clamps and Pipe Mats. The delivery included an innovative bend restrictor tether system and delivered project savings by replacing rock dump with pipe mats as cable seabed support.

Tetrapsar floating wind demonstrator

Tetraspar Floating Wind Demonstrator

Client: Unitech / Stiesdal
When: 2019

Fast Track Delivery of distributed buoyancy, tether clamps and cable ducting for two array cables. The delivery included our unique tether clamp system which incorporated bend stiffeners to reduce bending stress in critical areas.


Utsira Electrification & Cable Protection

Client: NKT
When: 2019

Delivery of seven complete cable protection systems including centralizer clamps, passive seals, bend restrictors and cast-iron ballast. Supply included innovative solutions for passive seals and a clamping system to prevent loss of grip due to long term cable creep.

Offshore Oil and Gas

WLR-floats & Buoyancy

Client: SubseaDesign AS
When: 2023

After a successful first project with our standard buoyancy, we partnered with SubseaDesign to deliver custom buoyancy modules that are more cost effective and higher performance. The modules are used on their innovative wellhead load relief system today used by Equinor.

Offshore Oil and Gas

Wear Protection for Cables

Client: Havfarm AS
When: 2023

Wear protection elements were supplied for more than 20 J-tubes on Equinor’s Njord platform. This was implemented to mitigate the challenges they have had with excessive wear on their Cables, Umbilicals and Risers.


DolWin6 Export Cable Protection

Client: Nexans Norway AS
When: 2022

Cable protection system (CPS) for the DC cables exporting power from the offshore wind farm Sea Cluster 3 north of Germany. The system was bespoke for this project with a variety of novel solutions. The system includes centralisers, latching system, flexible cable ducting, and cable ballast.

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