Fortøyning og installasjonsoppdrift

Våre oppdriftsprodukter for fortøyning er designet for å tåle røff håndtering under utsetting og innhenting av forankringsliner, hvilket sikrer både levetid og pålitelighet. Det modulære systemet muliggjør rask og enkel utskifting av skadede elementer og fremmer kostnadseffektive reparasjoner.

De modulære forankringsbøyene egner seg godt for forankring av flytende installasjoner og kan tilbys med en forlenget levetid på opptil 30 år for oppdriftselementene. Med vårt lager av standardprodukter kan vi tilby rask levering til ethvert forankringsprosjekt.

Ved å introdusere SmartTop stålfrie armaturer, har vi løst utfordringen med usikkerhet omkring korrosjon i konvensjonelle stålarmaturer. Vi har utviklet en patentert løsning som eliminerer risikoen forbundet med korroderte armaturer. SmartTop tilbyr også fordeler som lavere vekt, enkel omkonfigurering og redusert behov for lagring sammenlignet med standardløsninger.

I tillegg kan vi levere standard installasjonsopdrift, samt en rekke spesialiserte løsninger. Dette inkluderer markeringsbøyer med muligheter for lys, radarreflektorer og AIS-funksjonalitet.


Activa Flat Top Buoys

In addition to our standard Activa range, we have developed several versions to address special needs in the industry.

Some examples our flat top buoys which maximize stability and our seaweed solution allowing rope and chain to be retrieved through the centre of the buoy.

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Activa SmartTop Buoys

The Activa SmartTop aquaculture buoy is a long sought after addition to our product line.

With its new and improved fitting, corrosion has been eliminated & the buoy’s weight significantly reduced. With major focus on safety and a life expectancy of 20 years we would like to call this the aquaculture buoy of the future!

The Activa SmartTop buoy has been approved by DNV  and constructed and manufactured in accordance with NORSOK R002 with the option to be certified as a lifting appliance if required.

The fitting consists of top and bottom systems made from polyurethane and fiber rope.

The Activa Smart Top series of buoys consist of 9 different models and sizes.

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Aquaculture buoy- fishfarming buoy 3300L

Activa Aquaculture Buoys

Activa is our complete product range of buoys and equipment specially designed for aquaculture and fish farming.
In the development of the Activa series, we have built on our expertise and long experience with production of buoyancy to the offshore industry worldwide. A lot of the learning we have obtained from some of the world’s roughest seas.

Active aquaculture buoys are a complete range from 800 to 12,000 liters. The buoys have an outer shell of impact-resistant, rotational molded polyethylene (PE). The buoys are filled with expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) and has excellent flotation qualities that have been tested and developed over many years. All buoys have through-chain fittings.

Activa buoys can be returned to us for recycling!

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Tie in Buoyancy

This product is perfectly designed for buoyancy support of pipeline deployment. Either the buoyancy units can be customer specifically designed to fit a pipe diameter, or a universal design can be used. In addition, adaptors can be supplied to existing units for fitting several diameters.

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Modular Support Buoy 234 – Heavy Duty

The MSB 234 series can also be delivered with a Heavy Duty shell as an option, resulting in mooring buoys that can survive even more harsh environments and rough handling.

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Modular Support Buoy 180

The MSB 180 series is a mid-size buoy based on the same modularity principle as MSB 234, but with smaller dimensions. Available in all depth ratings from surface to 2500 meters. For surface buoys, AIS, radar reflector and light system can be provided as an option, with a detection range of four nautical miles. The steel work has a MBL of 85t.

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Modular Support Buoy 162

The MSB 162 series offers two different sizes, with two element types. The buoy has an elegant design, and is well suited to situations that demand a smaller buoy. The steel work has a MBL of 40t.
Standard color: bright yellow, optional: orange.

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Modular Support Buoy 111

The MSB111 series has two element types. The buoy has an elegant design, and suits well demands that are smaller than the largest buoys. The steel work has an MBL of 40t.

Standard color: bright yellow, optional: orange.

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Subsea Support Buoy 850

The SSB850 series is a mid-range buoy, and can be delivered with between one to five elements mounted together. The element has a cross-profile shape allowing elements to fit into each other. Standard Pad eyes have a MBL of 22t for up to four elements. The buoy with five elements has a steelwork with MBL 40t.

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Subsea Support Buoy 400

The SSB400 series consists of two module sizes and can be assembled in a wide range of combinations. The combination of two element sizes enables precise correspondence to actual buoyancy needs. The elements have pegs for fitting into each other. Standard pad eyes have a MBL of 22t.

Standard color: bright yellow, optional: orange.

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