May 11, 2021

PartnerPlast delivers the first products made from recycled plastics

Sulzer chooses PartnerPlast because of the products made from recycled plastics. The first products are now ready for delivery to Sulzer. – This is a milestone for us and completely in line with our visions, says Paal Andersen in Sulzer.

– We have not met anyone who has managed to deliver 100% recycled material to our pumping stations before we spoke to PartnerPlast. Reducing our carbon footprint is very important to Sulzer. When we learned that PartnerPlast could deliver parts to our pumping station in fully recycled plastic, we put everything on hold; says Paal Andersen, sales manager at DC&WW Sulzer Pumps Wastewater Norway AS.

Sulzer is a global leader in fluid engineering. They specialize in pumping, agitation, mixing, separation and application technologies for fluids of all types.

Sulzer produces its own products at various locations in Europe. All PE plastics that are produced in Norway are now delivered by PartnerPlast.

– It fits our environmental commitment that PartnerPlast can deliver in 100% recycled materials, says Andersen.

PartnerPlast’s first product made from recycled material, is a pumping station for wastewater delivered to Sulzer. According to Andersen, it is a small pumping station intended for holiday homes. The products are stocked at Norway’s largest pump warehouse in Sandvika.

– This is a major milestone for Sulzer in Norway. The collaboration with PartnerPlast is like a good film and completely in line with what we will do in the future. Absolutely unbelievably good, says Andersen.


The collaboration with PartnerPlast also involves several products that are under development.

– The other products are still on the drawing pad. We truly rely on PartnerPlast and the many talented people who work there. We often start out with a wish list and then we play ball back and forth. PartnerPlast is a good sparring partner for us..

Andersen says that the forward-looking attitude of PartnerPlast is an important reason for the good collaboration.

– They are forward-leaning, and so are we. If not, we would still be using standard products. We were the first to start delivering in PE plastic instead of fiberglass. The environmental aspect is absolutely central in Sulzer’s strategy. With the new station PartnerPlast delivers in recyclable plastic, the entire pumping station is now 100% recyclable, says Andersen.


– We are so pleased to see that our customers are considering recycled material as a real and good option for them. PartnerPlast has a strong focus on reusing materials, and we work actively towards this being the norm in the future. Sulzer is a pioneering company that we really appreciate working with, and together we will further develop the use of recycled material, says CEO of PartnerPlast, Tom Samuelsen.