SmartTop aquaculture buoy 1000

The Activa SmartTop aquaculture buoy is a long sought after addition to our product line.

With its new and improved fitting, corrosion has been eliminated & the buoy’s weight significantly reduced. With major focus on safety and a life expectancy of 20 years we would like to call this the aquaculture buoy of the future!

The Activa SmartTop buoy has been approved by DNV  and constructed and manufactured in accordance with NORSOK R002 with the option to be certified as a lifting appliance if required.

The fitting consists of top and bottom systems made from polyurethane and fiber rope.

The Activa Smart Top series of buoys consist of 9 different models and sizes.

Volume1150 litres
Buoyancy1080 kg
Weight93 kg
L x B x H (cm)120 x 120 x 140 cm
Product ID176721