Custom Buoyancy

To build a successful subsea product PartnerPlast knows the tough demands from this industry. An important niche is the customized product range, and this is perhaps also the most challenging. PartnerPlast engineers will work closely with your engineers in order to capture the best solution. Only through teamwork and collaboration can the necessary skills be brought together.

The goal is not only to make a successful project, but to lay the foundation for future projects for us and for our customers. PartnerPlast has manufactured licensed products for serial production and unique new designs.

Custom buoys can either be one-off tailor-made buoyancy devices for a specific and dedicated need, or a custom design adapted to the customer’s requirement, produced in larger series. For the latter, the customer’s logo can be included in the shell, either as a permanent emboss or a implanted type that is moulded in.

Buoyancy Design Examples:

  • Buoyancy for tools for subsea operations
  • Buoyancy for transponders
  • Buoyancy for ROVs
  • Buoyancy for subsea covers